BA HETO? board game

You decide what happened next! The players make up a story, using the prompts that are written on the cards and continuing each other’s stories as they move along. How interesting the story turns out will only depend on the players’ creativity and ability to tell stories. The game also improves your skills in oral speech, practicing storytelling both in Armenian and English languages.

The game has rules which you don’t have to follow

How to play?
There are 150 cards, each having one sentence or an expression written in both Armenian and English. The first player takes one card and has to tell a story in one minute, using the sentence that is written on the card. The sentence on the card shouldn’t be modified. The next player takes another card and continues the story of the previous player, using the idea written on his/her card, and the game goes on with the same logic. The players keep building up on each other’s stories, taking turns clockwise. The game continues for as long as the players want the story to develop. You can stop the circle of the storyline at any point during the game and start a new story – meaning start a brand new circle.

How to use the cards?
The cards should be face down, so the players cannot see what is written on them. They can also be left in the box; in that case, none of the players can see the cards and their content. It is important to tell the story in one minute – exactly how long the sand clock is set to. (You can find it in the package). The clock needs to be used for every player’s turn, so they don’t go overtime with their stories.

When can you play this game?
During hangouts with friends, trips, team-building events.

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