About Us

WELL works on developing a positive reputation for your brand, guided by ethical principles in the process. Any PR project we implement is committed to conveying kindness, positivity, and tolerance to the community we live in.

Media relations, creation of intelligent, compelling visual and text content, and the processes aiming to ensure the positive public representation that we call PR (Public Relations), provide a dialogue and understanding between the brand and the community; mutual confidence that the brand will always offer the best to its community, and the latter’s response will be the high level of awareness about the brand and the long-term loyalty. Our steps are based on experience, knowledge and professional intuition.


In PR, all the professionals have the same work logic; the result is what distinguishes them among each other.

When meeting familiar PR specialists, you most probably heard the terms “target audience”, “information channel”, “key message” and other similar phrases coming from PR textbooks. Perhaps, you’ve received a huge presentation about what your PR, brand and communications types should be like. The fact is that today’s “digital reality” requires smart planning and more actions and experiments.

We stand for action; we are dynamic, responsible and easy going.


The basic principles of our work are:

  1. We stand next to our customer both in times of success and crisis,
  2. We do not disclose corporate or business information to any third party,
  3. We can hear and understand customer concerns and make maximum efforts to address them within the context of PR,
  4. We do not work with companies/individuals/ businesses who use the following phrases: "We do not really need PR" or "Our marketing team deals with these issues."
  5. We respect the work of our partners in the field.


The environment and the society highly impact on the quality of the business product or services and sometimes determine its success. Thus every business person/leader should find a way to fulfill his/her “social duty” or how they call it in the business vocabulary "Corporate Social Responsibility." For us, the indicator of success is the establishment of WELL team and the opportunity to practice the job we love with the help of our clients and partners who trust us their reputation management and PR. We pay the “success price” with a romantic initiative, which is called “WELL Dream Box”. The latter is a saving account to which we transfer a part of our revenues from each project. At the end of each year, our team will donate the savings to the person whom this money can help fulfill his/her dream. Individuals and companies working with our team not only solve their business problems but also become involved in the realization of different people's dreams.

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